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motivated performance and decision-making

Effort Valuation and Exertion

Subjective preferences influence motivated exertion.
related material: [cc18] [jneuro19]


Remote Stimulation of the Midbrain

Noninvasive brain stimulation can induce functional deep brain changes that influence preference.
related material: [TP13]


Performance for Monetary Incentives

Loss aversion is predictive of neural responses to incentives and behavioral performance.
related material: [neuron12] [jneuro14]


Neural Representation of Value

The brain encodes a common representation of value for dissimilar goods.
related material: [jneuro09]


motion and force control

Hybrid Neural Control

The brain separately represents the control of hand movements and contact forces.
related material: [jneuro09]


haptics and motor learning

Haptic Identification of Surfaces

The nervous systems maintains a constant interaction force regardless of environment stiffness.
related material: [jneurophys06]


Integration of Touch and Vision

A behavioral adaptation approach to identify visual dependence of haptic perception.
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